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Clay County Clerk of the Circuit Court

Child Support Frequently Asked Questions

I did not receive my payment; where is it?

Payments received in this office are immediately processed and a check is cut and in the mail to the payee the next working day. If the case is a Department of Revenue case, then the check is mailed to the Department of Revenue in Tallahassee the next working day. If the case is a State Disbursement Unit (SDU) case, your check will come from them.

Where do I go for enforcement of my court order?

You have three (3) options:

  • Hire a private attorney.
  • Contact the Department of Revenue AND request they enforce your Order.
  • File for contempt yourself.

What is the telephone number for the Department of Revenue?

1-850-488-KIDS (5437)

How can I receive credit to my account for payments made directly to my former spouse?

If it is a private case, you must come into our office, and we will give you a set of forms and instructions on filling them out in order to receive credit to your account. If it is a Department of Revenue case, you must file a motion to petition the Court to receive credit.

Can I make use of the Driver’s License Suspension Program to enforce my former spouse to pay?

Clay County’s Child Support Driver’s License Motor Vehicle Registration Suspension Program is a form of Child Support Enforcement offered by the Central Governmental Depository of the Clerk’s office. You can find more details about this program under “Child Support” in the “Services” section of the web site.

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