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Clay County Clerk of the Circuit Court

Recording & Official Records Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I mail my documents for recording?

For regular mail:

Clay County Clerk of Courts
Recording Department
P. O. BOX 698
Green Cove Springs, FL 32043

Addresses for FEDEX/UPS/DHL Deliveries:

Clay County Clerk of Courts
Recording Department Room 101
825 N. Orange Avenue
Green Cove Springs, FL 32043

What are the Recording fees?

Fees Collected by the Recording Department:

For recording, indexing and filing any instrument not more than 14 inches by 8-½ inches.

First page or fraction thereof
Each additional page or fraction thereof

Documentary Stamp Tax

To figure these taxes, round up the consideration amounts to the next highest hundred dollars.
Deeds & other instruments which convey property
70 cents per $100
Note stamps on mortgages & other evidences of indebtedness
35 cents per $100

Intangible Tax on Mortgages

Intangible tax due on obligations to repay money
20 cents per $100
(2 mils on each dollar of the just valuation)

Indexing additional names

For indexing instruments recorded in the official records which contain more than 4 names.
Per additional name – (fka, aka, nka, trustee, trust, dba, fbo, indiv, etc.)

Copy and Certification Fees

For making copies by photographic process of any instrument in the public records
Pages of not more than 14 inches by 8-½ inches, per page
For certifying copies of any instrument in the public records
Pages more than 14 inches by 8-½ inches, per page
Copy of BCC meetings on video

Microfilm Fees

16mm 100’ microfilm roll or less, per roll


Microfiche, per fiche


Plat Fees

First page


Each additional page


Lis Pendens – For recording and indexing

First page or fraction thereof


Each additional page or fraction thereof


Indexing per additional name after the first 4


Records Search Fee

For searching of records, for each year’s search


Tax Deed Fees

For processing an application for tax deed sale (includes application, sale, issuance, and preparation of tax deed, and disbursement of proceeds of sale), other than excess proceeds


Advertising – per contract 4 week run


Sheriff’s service fees


For disbursement of excess proceeds of tax deed sale, first $100 or fraction thereof


Postal Charges

Postal charges incurred by the Clerk of the Circuit Court in any mailing by certified or registered mail shall be paid by the party at whose instance the mailing is made

Actual Cost

Official Record Images & Data on CD-ROM

For each OR Book (up to 4 books on 1 CD-ROM), per CD


Official Record Index Data – exported by data range, per CD


Marriage License Fees

To issue a marriage license without Pre-Marital Course


To issue a marriage license with Pre-Marital Course


To issue a duplicate or amended Marriage License


For writing any paper other than herein specifically mention, same as for copying, including signing and sealing


To whom do I make my check payable?

Tara S. Green, Clay County Clerk of Courts

What is E-Recording and how can I sign up?

E-recording is the electronic recording of documents eliminating the need to mail or courier original documents to the Recording Dept. The turnaround time is minutes instead of hours, days, or weeks. Documents are submitted through our certified vendors using password protection and digital certificate security. You will need a PC, scanner, and a connection to the internet to convert your documents to an electronic file for submission. For more information see the E-Recording section of our web site.

How long does it take to receive the original document after it is recorded?

A document received by mail is returned the next day. The original document should have the name and full mailing address on the first page to ensure it is returned to the proper person.  A walk-in document is recorded immediately.

I did not receive a deed to my property or I have lost my deed. What can I do?

A: Deeds are recorded in the Official Records. You can search, view, and print a copy of your deed from our website. If you purchased the property before November 23, 1970, and no subsequent deed has been recorded, you will have to contact the Recording Department or one of the branch offices to purchase a copy of your deed. A clerk can certify a copy of the deed making it the next best thing to an original.

How can I add, delete, or change a name on my deed?

You or your attorney must prepare a new deed reflecting the desired change. After it has been prepared, signed, notarized, and witnessed by two people, it must be recorded in the Official Records in Room 101 of the Courthouse or at one of the branches.

I have lost my survey, are surveys recorded with the Clerk of the Courts?

No. The original survey is given to the property owner at the time of the real estate purchase.  You may need to contact the surveyor for a duplicate copy.

How do I determine the purchase price of a property?

The documentary stamp tax that is paid and recorded on the deed is based on the actual sales price of the property. The current doc stamp rate is $.70 per $100. To determine the purchase price of a property whose deed is dated August 1, 1992 to present, divide the documentary stamp tax by .0070.

  • Example: If the documentary tax is $624.40, divide $624.40 by .007 resulting in the sales price of $89,000.
  • The statement on most deeds ascribing to the purchase price of “$10.00 and other valuable consideration” dates back to the 1800s and should not be taken literally.

Is it true that I can purchase property for the back taxes?

No. You may be referring to a Tax Deed Sale. The Tax Collector sells tax certificates in late May on all properties whose taxes have not been paid for that year. When a Tax Certificate is two to seven years old, the holder can make application for a tax deed to the Tax Collector. The Tax Collector will pass the tax deed application packet to the Clerk, and the Recording Department will schedule a public sale of the property.  In addition to the back taxes, other statutory costs, fees, and interest will be added to determine the opening bid. Tax Deeds are advertised in the newspaper for four consecutive weeks. The properties and the date of sale are listed on our website (you are required to accept a disclaimer before advancing to this link). The highest bidder will purchase the property.

Tell me more about Tax Deed Sales?

The information posted on the Clerk’s website under the Tax Deed Sales is a good resource for buyers interested in purchasing a property on a Tax Deed sale. Tax Deed sales should be considered a “buyer beware” process. Neither the Tax Collector nor the Clerk guarantees or warrants the Tax Deed.  More specific information including the opening bid, the legal description of the property, the physical address (if given), the parcel I.D. number, and the scheduled date of sale can be accessed once you accept the Disclaimer.   From the Sale Date tab, you can select the sale date from the drop down menu in order to view properties that are currently set for sale.  Viewing access to the case details and associated documents for a specific property can be obtained by clicking on any cell, i.e. Applicant, Certificate #, Case #, etc.

Sales are held on Wednesdays and begin at 9:30 am. Sales do NOT occur every Wednesday, therefore please check the website for scheduled sale dates.  Tax Deed sales are a public sale, held in the lobby of the Courthouse located at 825 N. Orange Ave., Green Cove Springs.

How can I obtain a county business license and record my company with Clay County?

The incorporated municipalities of Clay County have requirements if located inside the city limits. Please contact the appropriate agency:

  • City of Green Cove Springs – 297-7500
  • City of Keystone Heights – 352-473 x 4807
  • Town of Orange Park – 264-2635

To ensure your property is zoned for the desired business, contact the County Building Dept. for all zoning requirements.  Report your business with the Florida Dept. of State, Division of Corporations at by filing a Fictitious Name Registration Form. The form is also available at the Recording Dept., but must be filled out and submitted by the applicant.

Where can I obtain a copy of a Birth Certificate or Death Certificate?

Copies may be obtained from Vital Statistics- Birth and Death Department of Health.  This Department is located in the Clay Administration Building, 1305 Idlewild Avenue, Green Cove Springs, FL 32043.  Their phone number is 904-529-2800.

Birth Certificates:   Certified copies of Birth Certificates for births occurring in the State of Florida from 1917 to present are available to eligible applicants.  You must be 18 years or older to obtain your own birth certificate, or be the parent or legal guardian.  Valid photo ID (front and back) is required.  The fee is $13.00 per copy.

Death Certificates:  Florida death records from 2009 to present are available at any Vital Statistics Office in Florida.  All other Florida death records must be obtained from the State Office in Jacksonville.  Anyone may obtain a certified copy of a death certificate, but only the immediate family may obtain a certified copy with the cause of death.  Valid photo ID (front and back) is required when requesting the cause of death.  The fee is $10.00 per copy.

How do I get a marriage license?

Go to the Marriages License link for all the pertinent information needed regarding a marriage license.  If you still have questions, please contact our Recording Dept. at 269-6362 in Green Cove Springs or 278-4769 in Orange Park.

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