Clay County Clerk
of the Circuit Court

County Judge Kristina K. Mobley, Division D

Please open the following document to review specific instructions related to Judge Mobley’s courtroom and related procedures.

Judge Kristina K. Mobley

Instructions from Judge Mobley











Division D Ex Parte Dates (May-December 2018; 9:00am-9:30am)

May: 7,8,10,21,22,24; June: 4,5,7,18,19,21 ; July: 2,5,16,17,19,30,31; August: 2,14,16,27,28,30;

September: 10,11,13,24,25,27; October: 8,9,11,22,23,25; November: 5,6,8,19; December: 3,4,6,17,18

Melissa Bishop, Judicial Assistant

(904) 529-4730 Office


P.O. Drawer 1018 Clay County Courthouse Green Cove Springs, FL 32043