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Beware of Scam Phone Calls

The Clerk’s Office and local law enforcement have received multiple complaints recently concerning fraudulent phone calls. The message of the scammers vary, but most state that warrants will be issued for or lawsuits filed against people who do not adhere to certain warnings and immediately make certain payments. Please remember, if something sounds odd or suspicious, it probably is.  Report the scam call to local law enforcement and also report this activity to the Federal Trade Commission at This type of scam call may even appear to come from a valid, local phone number (CCSO, Clerk’s Office, etc.) but don’t be fooled. Our staff will not call and demand funds, ask for credit card info over the phone or threaten you.

Failure to make payments related to court costs, fines and fees (in full or as part of a payment plan), however, may result in the suspension of a defendant’s driver’s license and involvement of a third-party collection agency.  If you have questions related to compliance and making payments on a court-related debt, please call (904) 284-6302 and choose option #6.