Clay County Clerk
of the Circuit Court

Court Fees

Fees and Charges

The Clerk of the Circuit Court is required by Florida Statutes to charge for performing various duties and services. Checks should be made payable to Tara S. Green, Clay County Clerk of Courts.

The Clerk’s Office also accepts Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express.   There is a third party fee of 3.5% that is charged for all credit or debit transactions.

The following schedule contains the most common transactions involving the payment of charges to the Clerk. The Clerk’s Office should be consulted for information regarding service charges not listed.


The Clerk’s Office should be consulted for information regarding service charges not listed.

Service Fee
Auto Negligence $400.00
Condominium $400.00
Contract Indebtedness $400.00
Eminent Domain $400.00
Foreign Judgment-Base Fee $400.00
Other Negligence $400.00
Other Civil $400.00
Professional Malpractice $400.00
Product Liability $400.00
Each defendant over 5 $2.50
Judicial Sales (Foreclosures) $70.00
Malpractice 90 day Extension $42.00
Severance $18.00
Appeals from County to Circuit Court $281.00
Appeal from Circuit Court to FDCA (Clerk’s Fee) $100.00
Separate Check to FDCA $300.00
Dissolution of Marriage $408.00
Civil Dissolution Counter-Petitions (when subsequent filing seeks a Dissolution of Marriage; this is when the case was initiated as a Dissolution of Marriage.) $295.00
Civil Dissolution Counter-Petitions (when a counter-petition seeking for dissolution of marriage is filed in a Family Case other than a Dissolution Case.) $392.50
Simplified Dissolution of Marriage $411.50
Adoptions $442.00
Delayed Birth Actions $400.00
Child Support $300.00
Other Domestic Relations $300.00
Child Support Uncontested $300.00
Enforce / Domesticate Judgment $300.00
Paternity $300.00
Legal Separation $300.00
Separate Maintenance $300.00
Temporary Custody of Minor Child $300.00
Name Change $400.00
Termination Parental Rights $400.00
Mediation fee per person when combined income is greater than $50,000 but less than $100,000 per year $120.00
Mediation fee per person when combined income is less than $50,000 per year $60.00
Garnishment, Attachment, Replevins & Distress (Garnishment / Clerk) $85.00
Civil Cross Claim, Counter Claim, Third Party Complaint $395.00
Service Charge for issuing a summons $10.00
Eminent Domain Per Deposit (Excludes State Agencies) $170.00
Transfer of Lien $20.00
Additional Transfer of Lien $10.00

Real Property Mortgage Foreclosures

Service Fee
Value Less than or equal to $50,000; 5 defendants or less $395
Value Greater Than $50,000 but less than $250,000; 5 defendants or less $905.00
Value $250,000 or greater; 5 defendants or less $1,905.00
Additional fee for each defendant over 5 $2.50
Party in addition to a party in the original case filing a pleading for Foreclosure Cross Claim; Counter Claim, Counter petition; Third Party Complaint $2.50
Value of pleading is $50,000 or less $400.00
Value of pleading is more than $50,000 and less than $250,000 $900.00
Value of pleading is $250,000 or more $1,900.00

Probate / Guardianship Filing Fees

Service Fee
Opening an Estate – one document or more (including but not limited to: petitions and orders to approve settlement of minor’s claims; to open safe deposit box; for determination of heirs; and for a foreign guardian to manage property of a non-resident; but not to include issuance of letters or order of summary administration. $231.00
Caveat $41.00
Notice of Trust $41.00
Admit Foreign Will $231.00
Disposition of Personal Property without Administration $231.00
Summary Administration – estates valued at $1,000 or more $345.00
Summary Administration – estates values at less than $1,000 $235.00
Formal Administration, Guardianship, Ancillary, Curatorship or Conservatorship $400.00
Guardianship of Person only $235.00
Veteran’s guardianship $235.00
Petition for determination of incapacity $231.00
Reopen Fee $50.00
Attorney appearing pro hac vice $100.00
Maintain professional guardian files $7.50

Annual Accounting Fees: Guardianship

Service Fee
$25,000 or less $20.00
$25,001 to $100,000 $85.00
$100,001 to $500,000 $170.00
Exceeding $500,000 $250.00