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County Judge Timothy R. Collins, Division C

Effective July 6, 2021, all hearings will be held in person. No parties shall be permitted to appear by Zoom without permission from Judge Collins, the judge’s Judicial Assistant (JA) or by Order of the Court prior to the hearing.

Any parties seeking special permission to appear remotely (by Zoom) may contact the JA for instructions via email at

We encourage those involved in cases to register for E-Notify, a free text/email alert system, to receive notice of court date changes. 

County Judge Timothy R Collins


  • Criminal Cases – All criminal cases will be held in person. All attorneys and defendants must appear in person at the Clay County Courthouse.
  • Juvenile Cases – All juvenile cases will be held in person. All attorneys and defendants must appear in person at the Clay County Courthouse.
  • Civil Traffic Tickets – All civil traffic tickets (except those involving serious bodily injury or death) will be held by Zoom unless the defendant requests in writing an “in person” hearing fourteen (14) days prior to the scheduled trial date.
  • Civil Cases – All civil cases will be set for hearing in person. This Court allows appearance by Zoom on any hearings scheduled for thirty (30) minutes or less and where evidence is not presented. Any other requests to appear by Zoom must be made by motion accompanied by a proposed order.
  • Claim of Exemptions – Claim of exemption hearing may be held by Zoom.
  • Landlord/Tenant – All landlord/tenant cases will be in person. Attorneys ONLY may contact the JA to
    request permission to attend by Zoom.
  • Family Cases – All contested evidentiary hearings shall be in person. Uncontested Final Hearings may be
    scheduled by Zoom.
  • Ex Parte – All ex parte hearings will be held via Zoom


All proposed orders and Final Judgments are to be submitted by email to Judicial Assistant Michele (Shelly) Hatalski at in Word format.


Because of COVID-19 restrictions, Ex Parte matters must be scheduled by Judge Collins’ Judicial Assistant (JA), Michele (Shelly) Hatalski.  Please contact her by email at Ex Parte matters include brief uncontested matters.


All scheduling is conducted by email.  Motions must be docketed prior to requesting hearing date.  Hearings over one hour require a motion to set.  Potential dates will be provided for you to coordinate with opposing counsel.  Please coordinate among yourselves and provide your final agreed upon date to the JA.  Prospective dates are not held or guaranteed until a confirmation email is received.  Once a date is agreed upon, the JA will coordinate your hearing and provide the Zoom link (for video hearing) or phone number (for telephonic hearing) at which time counsel may prepare a notice of hearing.  Courtesy copies of Notices of Hearings should not be sent to the Court.  They should be filed in advance so the Court may access them on the docket.


ALL documents intended to be used at trial must be filed with the Clerk ten (10) days prior to trial and listed as “Plaintiff’s (or Defendant’s) Trial Exhibits.”  Accordingly, a paper copy of the documents must be mailed to the Court and the opposing party and post-marked ten (10) days prior to trial.  Failure to comply will result in the documents being ruled inadmissible. Each exhibit must be marked Plaintiff’s A, B, C, etc. or Defendant’s A, B, C, etc.  If introduced into evidence, the exhibit will be numbered by the Court.


The Clerk of Courts sends matters directly to Judge Collins’ Judicial Assistant when they are ready for court action.  The Judge will sign eviction orders, judgments, and set hearings when appropriate. Special COVID-19 rules apply to evictions until further Order of the Florida Supreme Court.  Any Count II actions for money judgments will be referred directly to our Mediation Department only when proper Service of Process has been filed with the Clerk.