Clay County Clerk of Court and Comptroller

Tara S. Green

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All-Star Employee Awards

Each quarter of the year, all personnel are encouraged to nominate their fellow employees to be recognized as an All-Star.

This award program began in 2019, resulting in the submission of many amazing stories about our Clerk of Court and Comptroller’s Office employees.  The chosen recipients exemplify our organization’s mission, vision and core values. While there can only be one winner each quarter, every nomination period reveals numerous eligible nominees.  We are proud of them all and look forward to selecting and recognizing many more future All-Star Award winners.

Please join us in congratulating our current All-Star Award recipient and all the previously-recognized all-star employees below.

When a department suffers a devastating blow due to illness, personnel who rise to the occasion to keep services open and available to the public immediately prove their value and grit.  While many employees helped cover duties in the Clerk’s Office Criminal Department when they found themselves half-staffed due to COVID 19, this quarter’s All-Star Employee Holly Casterline went above and beyond.  Not only did she cover her regular court duties for Judge Lester, but she also performed the duties of court clerk for Judge Sharrit and Judge Collins. For days, she came in early and stayed late to keep her department running, proactively carrying the department on her shoulders during this staffing crisis. Beyond recent circumstances, she is continuously efficient in her tasks while also assisting her coworkers and public.  Her decades-long dedication to her job and to the Clerk’s Office is something others strive to emulate.  Casterline is described as reliable, accurate, calm, cool and collected.  Her leadership skills and genuine helpfulness shone through when it was needed most.  Congratulations on being selected this quarter’s All-Star, Supervisor Holly Casterline.