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Petition To Relocate With Minor Child(ren)

Here you can access the full form packet, or the individual forms if you prefer.

Full Form Packet

Petition to Relocate with Minor Children-Packet

Indivdual Forms

  1. Petition to Relocate with Minor Children
  2. Table Of Contents
  3. Checklist-SUPP. PET. Relocation
  4. Standing Family Law Court Order
  5. Family Law Forms, Commentary, and Instructions General Information for Self-Represented Litigants
  6. 12.928-Cover Sheet for Family Court Cases
  7. 12.950(d)-Supplemental Petition to Permit Relocation With Minor Child(ren)
  8. 12.900(h)-Notice of Related Cases
  9. 12.902(b)-Family Law Financial Affidavit (Short Form)
  10. 12.902(c)-Family Law Financial Affidavit (Long Form)
  11. 12.902(d)-Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction And Enforcement Act Affidavit
  12. 12.902(j)-Notice of Social Security Number
  13. 12.950(g)-Motion for Civil Contempt And Return of Child(ren)
  14. 12.950(e)-Motion for Temporary Order Granting Relocation
  15. 12.995(c)-Relocation-Long Distance Parenting Plan
  16. 12.950(a)-Agreement for Relocation With Minor Child(ren)
  17. 12.950(b)-Motion For Order Permitting Relocation By Agreement
  18. 12.950(h)-Order On Motion For Civil Contempt For Relocation and Return Of Child(ren)
  19. 12.910(a)-Summons-Personal Service On An Individual
  20. 12.910(b)-Process Service Memorandum
  21. 12.950(j)-Final Judgment Supplemental Final Judgment
  22. 12.950(i)-Final Judgment Supplemental Final Judgment Granting Relocation
  23. List of Confidential Documents
  24. Notice of Confidential Information Within Court Filing
  25. Motion to Determine the Confidentiality of Trial Court Records
  26. Order on Motion to Determine the Confidentiality of Trial Court Records