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Compliance / Payment Plans

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Clerks are available to discuss payment plans.

Our Compliance/ Payment Plans office clerks are available to assist defendants in the set-up and management of criminal payment plans and with court ordered community service guidance. Our payment plans offer the flexibility of satisfying the court costs, fines and fees by making monthly payments to the Clerk of the Courts.  A $25 administrative fee is charged at the time the plan is established.

How to Set Up a Payment Plan

By entering into a payment plan with our office, the defendant agrees to make monthly payments until the total amount of costs, fines and fees are paid in full. Defendants can pay in person during normal business hours at any office location, pay online or pay over the phone at (904)531-3325

Be sure to ask our staff about Operation Green Light, a money-saving annual event designed to get citizens back on the road.

Failure to make payments as agreed under the Payment Plan Agreement may result in the suspension of the defendant’s driver’s license and the case being sent to a third-party collection agency, whereby, an additional 25% in fees is assessed.

For questions related to a new or existing payment plan, please call the Clerk’s Office at (904)284-6302, and choose Compliance / Payment Plans at extension 4772.  Compliance related services are supervised by Supervisor Tawnya Disparti.