Compliance / Probation

The staff of our Compliance/Probation Department operates in partnership with the members of the Criminal Department.

(904)284-6302, choose Option 2 for Clerk’s Office then 3 for Probation.

Probation Services Window

Compliance/Probation Department Duties

  • Misdemeanor Probation Services
  • Management of Criminal Compliance Payment Plans
  • Tracking of Community Service Obligations
  • Supervision of Centralized Cashiering Office

The physical location of the Compliance/Probation Department, including misdemeanor probation services, is on the first floor of the Clay County Courthouse in Green Cove Springs, Room 1029. The Centralized Cashiering office can also be found on the first floor in Room 1027.

Please note:  This department does not handle felony probation or juvenile probation services. For those services, please contact the following:

Compliance & Payment Plans

associate on phone
Clerks are available to discuss payment plans.

Our Compliance/Probation Department clerks are available to assist defendants in the set-up and management of criminal payment plans and with court ordered community service guidance. Our payment plans offer the flexibility of satisfying the court costs, fines and fees by making monthly payments to the Clerk of the Courts. A $25 administrative fee is charged at the time the plan is established. By entering into a payment plan with our office, the defendant agrees to make monthly payments until the total amount of costs, fines and fees are paid in full. Defendants can pay in person during normal business hours at any office location, pay online or pay over the phone at (904)531-3325.

Failure to make payments as agreed under the Payment Plan Agreement may result in the suspension of the defendant’s driver’s license and the case being sent to a third-party collection agency, whereby, an additional 25% in fees is assessed. For questions related to a new or existing payment plan, please call the Clerk’s Office at (904)284-6302, and choose Compliance at extension 4772.


  • Please review all of the following information carefully:
    • Defendants are assigned a probation counselor and given their in-take appointment in the courtroom after the defendant is sentenced to probation.
    • At the defendant’s monthly scheduled meetings, progression of the defendant’s monetary and non-monetary conditions are monitored and the next monthly appointment is set.
    • To cancel or reschedule an appointment with the probation counselor, the defendant must call within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment and speak to the probation counselor themselves. They can reach their probation counselor at (904)284-6302, Option 2 for Clerk’s Office then Option 3 for Probation.
    • Leaving a voicemail does not constitute permission to change or reschedule an appointment – you must speak to a probation counselor directly.
  • Defendants should bring the following items to the first appointment:
    • Picture ID
    • Proof of residence
    • Proof of employment
    • First cost of supervision payment
    • First fine payment

The services of the Compliance/Probation Department are managed by Supervisor Stephanie Wright, (904)529-4098. Supervisor Wright and her Compliance/Probation Department clerks look forward to assisting you.

Stephanie Wright on the phone at her desk