Clay County Clerk of Court and Comptroller

Tara S. Green

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The Circuit Court has jurisdiction over all defendants accused of committing crimes that have been designated by the State Legislature as felonies. A felony is a criminal offense punishable by death or imprisonment in a state penitentiary, for a term that exceeds one (1) year. The Circuit Court also has jurisdiction over all cases in which a minor is alleged to have committed a delinquent act or violation of law.

The County Court has jurisdiction over all defendants accused of committing crimes which have been designated as misdemeanors. A misdemeanor is a criminal offense which is punishable by imprisonment in a county correctional facility not in excess of one (1) year.  The County Court also has jurisdiction over criminal traffic cases. Criminal Traffic laws are defined as a violation that may subject a defendant to incarceration upon conviction.

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Judge's seat in county courthouse

Our Criminal Department clerks, including those assigned to our Centralized Cashiering office, are available to assist you. They are supervised by Criminal Department Manager Stephanie Wright and can be contacted by calling (904) 278-3665.  

Criminal Department Supervisors Lisa Sanchez and Holly Casterline are available to assist you as well.

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