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The Recording Department, located inside the Clay County Courthouse in Green Cove Springs, is home to millions of official and court records – and more. Recording Department staff can assist you with many requests and functions:

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Recording Fees:

For recording, indexing and filing any instrument 14″ x 8.5″:

a. First page$10.00
b. Each additional page or fraction thereof$8.50
c. For indexing instruments recorded in the Official Records which contain more than four names, per additional name$1.00

For examining, certifying and recording plats and condominium drawings:

a. First page $30.00
b. Each additional page $15.00
For recording certificate of discharge, separation, or service of veterans No fee
For copies of certificate of discharge, separation, or service of veterans No fee
For recording Affidavit of Domicile $10.00
For Acknowledging Affidavit of Domicile $5.00

Copy and Certification fees

For making copies by photographic process of any instrument in the public records

Pages of not more than 14 inches by 8-½ inches, per page $1.00
For certifying copies of any instrument in the public records $2.00
Pages more than 14 inches by 8-½ inches, per page $5.00
Copy of BCC meetings on video $5.00

Lis Pendens

For recording and indexing

First page or fraction thereof $5.00
Each additional page or fraction thereof $4.00
Indexing per additional name after the first 4 $1.00

Documentary Stamps

  1. Deeds: Documentary stamps must be placed on any deed or other like instrument conveying any interest in real property (land) at the rate of 70 cents per $100.00 property valuation, rounded up to the next highest hundred dollars.
  2. Mortgages: Mortgage Modifications: Documentary stamps must be placed on these instruments at the rate of 35 cents per $100.00 consideration.
  3. Agreements and Contracts for Deeds: same as above on Mortgage amount AND Documentary Stamps at 70 cents per $100.00 on purchase price (just as if a deed were being recorded, this will NOT have to be paid again when the deed is recorded)

Intangible Tax Requirements

This tax applies to notes, bonds or other obligation for payment of money secured by a mortgage or deed of trust (or other instrument of similar nature having the effect of a mortgage upon real property). These documents are taxed at the rate of 20 cents per $100.00 consideration. This stamp is computed to the nearest cent.

Requirements for Recording Any Interest in Real Property

  1. Document must be properly acknowledged and under seal.
  2. Document must have a proper “prepared by” statement.
  3. A blank 3″ x 3″ square on the first page and a blank 1″ x 3″ horizontal square on each page thereafter to be recorded.

The Recording Department is supervised by Manager Debbie Thacker.

(904) 269-6302, ext. 3714 ;

Recording Department Supervisor Michelle Thrasher is also available to assist you, along with a team of experienced Records Clerks.

A headshot of Debbie Thacker
Recording Department Manager Debbie Thacker