Clay County Clerk
of the Circuit Court

Where to Report

Courthouse stairway

North-facing entrance to the Clay County Courthouse front lobby.

South-facing courthouse entrance.

South-facing entrance to the Clay County Courthouse main lobby. Handicapped accessible ramp is located here.

***Because of COVID-19 public health concerns, the Florida Supreme Court’s Chief Justice issued an order suspending all jury trials in Florida’s court system.***


When reporting for jury duty, you may park in any available public lot, including the parking lot at the south end of the courthouse.  Public parking is also available at the corner of Palmetto Avenue and Houston Street.


Check-in is located in the Jury Assembly Room, Second Floor, Courtroom 2, of the Clay County Courthouse. Please bring an acceptable form of identification such as a Florida Driver’s License, Florida Identification Card or a passport.  You may wish to bring reading or writing material as delays may occur during jury assignment and selection.  Jury service lasts for one day or, if you are selected for a jury, for the length of the trial.


Please dress appropriately. Casual clothes such as jeans, shorts or t-shirts are not appropriate.  For men, dress slacks, khakis, coat and tie, or collared shirts are appropriate.  For women, dresses, dress slacks or pants suits are appropriate.  Any military uniform or other uniform(s) are appropriate.  Electronic devices will be removed from all members of a jury panel before jury deliberations begin.   The presiding judge may also request they be removed at other stages of the trial.

Any questions regarding jury duty can be answered by calling 904-278-3692.